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A farm is also a business in most cases, so, there are many things you have to know apart from knowing how to run basic farming operations. One of such is proper record keeping and account keeping. If you keep a good fiscal record of your farm, you will find it easier to manage your expenses and save on taxes. Another advantage is that your farm employees will find it much more difficult to pilfer from your farm as you have a better chance of catching them. So, with a good farming accountant, you have a better chance of success running your farm.

Richard place Dobson LLP employs the services of some of the best farming accountants out there. We have over 30 years of experience in farming accounting. We can help you cover different areas of accounting which include tax planning, tax management, budget making, making of cash flow statement and balance statements. With our services, you can save on your taxes and expand your profit by maximizing your farming operations. We also help with obtaining additional funds for expansion and all accounting problems in the farm.

If you have a farm at RH and would like to get the services of a good farm accountant, you can pay us a visit at and contact us for more information.

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    By working as a cohesive team Рboth within the company and with our clients Рwe bring the best of Richard Place Dobson LLP to our client relationships. The experience, knowledge and enthusiasm of our team is reflected in our drive to ensure our clients achieve their personal and business goals.

    At Richard Place Dobson LLP Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors our focus is on providing exceptional client service.


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    Phone: 01444 892010

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